18 Nov




One of the most important video see interviews ever posted to Souljourns.

This is the story of the life and spiritual practices of Sri Narasimha Murthy, a close associate of Holy Man Sri Sathya Sai Baba for more than 50 years.

Murthy leads the viewer through the many steps he has adopted in turning over the entirety of his life to the guidance of Sai Baba even after his Mahasamathi through Sukshma Form. With clarity and conviction, Murthy’s account of his life choices constitutes the very definition of selfless service. For decades Sai Baba spoke of the virtue of non attachment. In this interview can be seen the model of this important spiritual stance.


15 Nov

Loving Sairam, the following information has been shared from Kathleen Ahern’s post on Facebook on Fri, 7th Nov, 2014

Congrats to Rama and Laxman for building and solely financing these wonderful new steps to the wish fulfilling tree in Puttaparthi. Looking forward to bigger projects to come in Parthi.

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Dr.Umesh, physics professor, Brindavan campus has merged with Swami

15 Nov

Sairam….this is to inform you that our brindavan campus lecturer Mr. Umesh who was also taking care of bhajans, merged in Swami at 6 pm following a massive heart attack.

Courtesy: Siddarth Gosavi via Jayanth Bhat

From Vivek Ananda, ” Dr.Umesh, physics professor, Brindavan campus, has merged in Swamy at 8.30pm today, had heart attack in the evening and taken to SSSIHMS-WFD, met him in Global Akhanda Bhajan in brindavan, may his soul RIP. Sairam”

Mr. Umesh Brindavan Campus lecturer

Puttaparthi from the lens of Sai Saswat Mishra

14 Nov

SaiRam, sharing a few images of Puttaparthi from the Sai Saswat Mishra

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Sathya Sai Baba 89th Birthday celebrations at Sai Madhuvanam, Trivandrum, Kerala

12 Nov

Madhuvan Sai Fraternity will be celebrating Birthday of Bhagavan Sree Sathya Sai from 13th Nov 2014. Sri.G.Jayakumar, President of the Ashram will formally inaugurate the celebrations at 5PM , as the observance starts early in the morning with Ekadasarudra abhisheka on Sai Paduka (11 times rudra abhisheka) at 5 Am .Sri Gopalakrishna Vaidik and Sri P R Radhakrishnan will deliver the discourses. There will be Ekadasa Rudra abhisheka for 11 days starting from 13th onwards. Discourses on Swamy by renowned speakers will be held in the evenings. 16th Nov Sunday will be observed as Seva day and will be spent in Bonakkad tribal settlements with medical camps at different hamlets there.On 23rd There will be nagarsankeerthan. At 7.5o Am devotees will gather in the prayer hall for offering Shodashopachara pooja to Sathya Sai Paduka which has been blessed by Bhagavan by wearing. From 12 noon devotees and public from adjoining areas take part in the Sai Birthday Feast. After the evening discourse, JHOOLA will take place with musical programme by eminent musicians in the backdrop. All are wlecome to join us.

Source : Sai Madhuvanam Page on Facebook

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3 Nov
A reminiscence of the entire happening that finally led to this concept of Maha Samadhi…a poem from the pen of Sri VN Prahlad.
What? Our ever living Lord
No, it is beyond belief.
Can any sarcophagus
Enclose and consumeSuch a divine form?
But yes, dimly
Through tear screened eyes
We have seen
That loving lovely persona
That went around us,
While we were sitting
Huddled, like sheep,
Was encased, embalmed
In a crystal casket
For all to see, draped in heaps
Of multi hued flowers
Waiting to be embraced
By mother earth
Like the earthly mother,
Easwaramma before.
Samadhi? What is that?
A strcture of concrete and marble!
Samadhi, He has taught us
Is a state of mind,
When mind becomes mindless
When all becomes One
With that only One
Love filled, bliss filled unity
Which we call
It is not a tomb,
What we have before us
Is a shrine Divine
Which enshrines and radiates
All that love and all that bliss
We received in a flood
For full one thousand moons and more
From the Divinity incarnate
And will continue to receive
From this monument, which
We shall call, not a tomb,
Nor Samadhi
Vishwa Sathya Ananda Jyoti
The Beacon Light of the universe
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89th Birthday Celebration at Muddenahalli

3 Nov

With the  Divine Grace and Blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba as a part of  89th Birthday Celebrations of the Divine advent the following events will take place at Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli in the Divine Presence. Please find the programme schedule attached below.

89th Birthday at Muddenahalli -1

89th Birthday at Muddenahalli -2


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